June 2016: Contorta Flat Campground, OREGON

Deschutes National Forest

We came here after visiting the Crater Lake National Park. We drove on the unpaved road in the forest for over one hour. (Almost a half day in dog time. The road was very bumpy but I managed to sleep through.) When I woke up, we have arrived at this secret paradise. There were only six campsites, but each site was huge and all of them were on the lake shore. Once again, we were the only people who were staying there besides the camp host on the other side of the campsite. The lake is called Crescent Lake, and we saw two mountains, Diamond Peak and Maiden Peak behind the lake.

Dad and mom set up a camp, we played all day.

Sand here was soft and white. Here I am trying to smell everything and leave my mark everywhere.

Here is me and dad relaxing. The big mountain I am staring at is Diamond Peak.

The sunset was very pretty and we walked around the lake at night. I hope we come back here again. I could sit here all day and look at clouds move.

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