May 6th 2018: Mecca Flat Recreation Site & Campground, Oregon

This is the last of three campsite we visited for mom’s annual birthday camping tour.
Maybe because it was still early in the camping season, we were the only visitors staying at the campground. Mom found a black widow spider in the bathroom. She did not like that at all. Dad thought it was funny. I would have eaten it if they have let me.

Here is me being tired from keep talking loud at someone over the river. He sounded just like me and kept repeating what I said over and over again. If I get loud, he gets loud, and he sounded exactly like me. Only regret I have is that I let him have his last words.

My mom kept picking up the wild sage plants that were all around us, and she also collected dehydrated cow poop. She piled them together and burnt it like a candle.

I liked this place a lot. We were away from the main road, and saw a brown eagle. I also got to eat cow meat with mom & dad. I love human food.

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