My dog friend Tippy

This is my friend Tippy. I got to know her in 2013 when my mom lived with Tippy’s mom in very windy and cold place cold Chicago. Tippy is much older than me, and she traveled everywhere with her mom, just like me now.

This is from when we went camping in Lake Michigan, Indiana in July 2014. It was the biggest body of water I had ever been. Tippy told me that she had been to even bigger body of water called Ocean. I had no idea what that was back then.

This was my first ever camping. It was so much fun! I got to go many walks, and slept outside in a tent with mom. Tippy told me that she had done many camping in her dog life. I was jealous.

Tippy came over to play with me. She was grouchy that day and she kept growling at me. She got upset and that gave her a massive sneeze attack. Mom thought it was so funny that she recorded the incident.

Tippy has crossed over in January 2019. I miss her and wish we got to play more instead of growling at each other!

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